S.D.L lib information : http://www.libsdl.org

Only for CD version : Note : If you got an error : "Permission Denied" when you run the install program. Edit the file "/etc/fstab" and remove the option user for the CDROM. In any case you must login as root for the installation.

Please if you found some bugs, don't hesitate to contact us

You can download this patch (1.00->1.02) who fix the bugs of the playable demo version 1.00.
English version -140 Kb.
French Version.140 Kb

Sorry for the english, French writer ;)

Fixed Bugs :

Break out : We removed some bugs in this part of game
Timer : A wrong in the timer code , on some computers the game did not start. On other computers the sounds was bad.
The saved game files (and temporaly files) was located in the program directory, not under the home directory.

What I need to run this demo.

PC Pentium (133 or more) + Linux + Xwindow + Soundcard+glibc
If you have not a sound card, Edit the file config.ini and change
the line sound=yes by sound=no

The demo starts but there is not sound

Turn up the volume.
Make sure your speakers are correctly connected
Check the compatibility between Linux and your sound card.

If you use KDE or GNOME or others , you must dissable the sound option of these window managers. If another aplication use the sound device, the game could not use the sound device and you will not get the sounds from Hopkins FBI. If the screen is black or the demo doesn't run

Edit the file 'config.ini' and change the line force16bits=no; by force16bits=yes.

Any suggestion, bug report, are welcome.

Hopkins FBI Copyright ©1998 MP Entertainment