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Hopkins FBI for Linux -
Copyright (c)1998,1999 MP Entertainment.
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Playable DEMO V1.00 24FEB99- (Linux Game)
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Hopkins FBI for Linux - Copyright (c)1998,1999 MP Entertainment.

A criminal organization, claiming to posses nuclear weapons, threatens to use them against american people, if the United States government does not bow to its demands. Faced with America's absolute refusal to cooperate with the terrorists, two nuclear missiles are launched on the state of California,killing 50000 people.The FBI, in charge of the case, opens up the biggest investigation of the century. In 1986, after 2 years of inquiry, the leader of the criminal organization, Bernie Berckson, is found, thanks to the excellent work of one FBI man : special agent Hopkins.Special Agent Hopkins has just been put on the biggest case of his life : find and kill Bernie Berkson, the most vicious and dangerous criminal in years.Hostage showdowns, murders terrorist acts: Special Agent Hopkins has to get around a nightmare of traps and twisted surprises in the course of his investigations if he wants to find Berkson and save the planet form certain doomsday.

Let's just stay that if Quentin Tarentino had ever created video game, it would have been "Hopkins FBI" Hopkins FBI is a game drawing on American comic-strip cartoons. The action takes place in the present day, in an undefined city of the USA. It is a click-and-play adventure game.The hero of the game, Hopkins, is an FBI agent who at the start, is investigating a bank robbery. But very soon, the plot turns angry on him: a hardened criminal he had arrested years before succeeds in escaping from the prison where he was held, and is out to seek revenge on Hopkins...The visual treatment is very much angled on comic-strip graphics.The player has the feeling of being inside comic-strip boxes.The colours are bright, the decors detailed. During his investigation, the player will meet and dialogue with some forty characters.These are often caricatural, especially the women who, with some rare exceptions,tend to have dumb-blonde roles.The atmosphere of the game is fairly gory and violent. But this aspect is always mitigated by the black humour of the characters and dialogue, as well as the at times surrealistic air to the situations. It is all right to suggest the world of Pulp Fiction and the films of John Woo

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